Can you help with my water or sewer bill? Can you help with my water or sewer bill?

Can you help with my water or sewer bill?

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If you have a disconnection notice for your water, we may be able to assist. Please start a conversation to see if we can help pay your back charges. 


Unfortunately, at this time we do not have funds available for sewer or garbage bills or liens.


We have limited water funds currently and ask that you contact your vendor to see if you are eligible for a payment arrangement. We will attempt to assist you as much as possible, but we may not have funds available or require you to make a payment on the account before notifying the vendor of the amount we are able to assist with.


It is best to contact us right away when you receive a notice of upcoming disconnection, so we will have more time to work together to prevent your water from being shut off. 


We will complete your application by asking questions about who lives in your household, what types of income you have, and what company provides your water service. If you meet the income guidelines after completing the application, we will attempt to work with you and your water company to resolve the crisis. This may require an additional payment from you.


Please start a conversation or call us at 563-324-3236 to get started.


Other resources available for Muscatine county:


Muscatine County Community Services 563-263-7512
Call for an appointment. There is a packet that needs picked up and fill out beforehand.
Salvation Army of Muscatine 563-263-8272
Need to have 30 day's worth of income, ID's for all adults, and SNAP NOD