What income limits do I have to meet? What income limits do I have to meet?

What income limits do I have to meet?

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On this page, we break down income requirements that determine eligibility for many of our programs.

The table below lists annual income but some programs consider monthly income instead. If you are not sure whether you qualify, or if your income is close to the amount listed, please start a conversation with us so we can take a closer look.


Family Size 100% of the poverty level: Head Start (up to 130% in some cases), Early Head Start

125% of the poverty level:


200% of the poverty level: Utility assistance, water, sewer, air conditioners, fans, furnace repair, food and diapers
1 $14,580 $18,225 $29,160
2 $19,720 $24,650 $39,440
3 $24,860 $31,075 $49,720
4 $30,000 $37,500 $60,00
5 $35,140 $43,925 $70,280
6 $40,280 $50,350 $80,560
7 $45,420 $56,775 $90,840
8 $50,560 $63,200 $101,120


Note: For Head Start and Early Head Start, your family can automatically qualify if you receive SNAP (food assistance) benefits. Additionally, some families can qualify with income up to 130% of the poverty level even if they do not receive SNAP benefits.

The Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) program provides child care referral services to all parents and does not have income guidelines or restrictions.